CM West: Conference at Puget Sound

Sign up for the PNW Fall Retreat! September 7-9 at Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, WA

Join us for some “Mother Culture!” An Audubon led bird walk by Ed Dominguez (he works with Marina at the Seattle Audubon and I guarantee you he is just as amazing!), handicrafts, choosing a living book, and more! The site is up and registration is open:

CM West: Fall Retreat at Warm Beach

The PNW Charlotte Mason Educator’s Conference has a new name! And a new page:

CM West: Conference at Puget Sound

The 2017 conference featured Nancy Kelly, author of the blog Sage Parnassus, organizer of the annual Living Education Retreat, and frequent contributor to the Charlotte Mason Institute Eastern Conference. She deftly wove Mason’s paradigm into her speaking, with frequent audience narration, artist study, and readings from the source.

We also heard from Marina Pita of the Seward Park Audubon on birding with children, and Richard Stephens of Peninsula College on Shakespearean costume and fashion anthropology.

The 2019 Conference is already in the works, and is scheduled for September 6-8, 2019. We welcome your ideas!


6 thoughts on “CM West: Conference at Puget Sound

  1. Aha! I found it! I am going to be haunting the conference info page because my husband said he thinks I can actually go to it from Alaska (as long as I take the three children – my parents live near Seattle). I would be so excited to meet some people I recognize from the AO forum!


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