Northwest Charlotte Mason Educators Conference

The Conference is over for this year and it was amazing. Come back for pictures and recordings. In the meantime, many thanks to:

Catherine Levison: for coming out of retirement to give the next generation of Charlotte Mason Educators hope and fresh encouragement.

Brandy Vencel: for her outstanding presentations on the 20 Principles, the place of love in the curriculum, and the Thomas Aquinas fresco so often mentioned by Charlotte in her writing.

Naomi Goegan: for her passion for nature study, for helping us lead our children to view nature with wonder and curiosity.

Patti Leinweber: for showing us a handicraft easily done with cheap material, and for all who brought their crafts to share.

Lisa Kaufman and Christine Wood: co-planners extraordinaire, for decorating tables, figuring out airport transportation, creating registration pages, taking pictures, making folders, leading discussions, thinking things through. For Christine who will take this page and roll it into a Charlotte Mason – West website.

Joy Davidson and Marianne Stenlund: for taking on the music for worship.

The Queen of Carrots: for leading the ecumenical service

Amber V.: for taking on the conference next year!

Next conference: September 2016 near Sacramento, CA

2015 Conference Schedule

6 thoughts on “Northwest Charlotte Mason Educators Conference

  1. Aha! I found it! I am going to be haunting the conference info page because my husband said he thinks I can actually go to it from Alaska (as long as I take the three children – my parents live near Seattle). I would be so excited to meet some people I recognize from the AO forum!


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