About Us

We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We are Roman Catholic followers of Christ, and we share a desire for social justice and helping those in need.

About Kathy:  I taught my daughter at home using Charlotte Mason’s Methods. Occasionally her friend, her friend’s little sister, or my son would join us.

If you hold a strong position on one side of an argument, I will likely take a position on the other side simply to balance things out.

I love nature, cider, and good books. I have more books than shelf space.

I tend to prefer to see the best in people. If you are my friend I may be stubbornly blind to any of your faults and will wax enthusiastic over all of your endeavors.

I am frugal and I cannot abide waste.

I had a captain’s license for 10 years and taught sailing for a few of those.

My favorite handicrafts are making soap and pine needle baskets.

About Gordon:

He also had a captain’s license, and was the skipper of a classic gaff-rigged ketch called the Yankee Clipper.

He works as a software engineer.

He is a dogged problem-solver.

If you are his friend and you need his help, he will move mountains to be there for you.

He has an outrageous sense of humor that may catch you off guard.

About MissT:

She loves books, video games and loves to write.

She loves cats and has perhaps seen every cat video on the internet.

She is cheerful, open and frank.

She loves to travel, to go to the theater and out to restaurants.

She has 2 more quarters of community college to go.

About PA:

He is a baker and a former rower.

He plays a wicked game of chess.

He enjoys action movies.

While he may say winning is everything, he is all about helping the team succeed.

He is experimenting with a full carnivore diet despite his chosen profession.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, Kathy–
    I’ve enjoyed looking over your blog. We are a homeschooling family as well–also in the PNW. I identify strongly with Charlotte Mason’s principles, and I’d love to connect with others in the area who do as well. We’re tossing around the idea of forming a family co-op (in the next year or two) to connect with others on a weekly basis, and I was curious if you are aware of others in my vicinity who might homeschool in a similar way and be interested in connecting to discuss ideas. Obviously, this public context isn’t the place to do that, so if you get my email address, I’d be happy to share more via email.
    Many thanks,


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