Third Sunday of Advent

This was the Sunday of the pink candle. It is “Gaudate” Sunday or Rejoice Sunday. This week we rejoice, according to the bishop, under all circumstances. He spoke of his mail: how sometimes he receives letters of praise for his work and sometimes the letters contain language he can’t repeat in the homily. But he rejoices in the ability to do the work of God. I, too, can point to joy and frustration both in my everyday life, from lost keys and household worries as well as loving friends and family, good jobs, warmth and light in winter. In all things we rejoice, because the Lord is coming.

IMG194But we are still waiting. The shepherds are still watching their flocks.

IMG196The three kings are still trying to get that camel to stand up so they can continue their journey to meet Jesus. (I can only imagine what they are saying to it!)

IMG195And the stable is empty. We intrepid homeschoolers are still in school, getting our work finished so we can prepare for the feast day of our Lord’s birth. In a few days  we hope to finish shopping, make a gift or two, decorate the tree and celebrate.



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