Dear Reader

Hi, welcome to my blog.

To get this out of the way, I’ll post a picture of our cats.

The Two Towers

The Two Towers

I’ve rather resisted this step for a while, which is odd because I’d rather write than talk. People who know me well will vouch for the veracity of this statement. But I’m a dreadful perfectionist and I knew that once I got started, it could consume a lot of my time. So Facebook served me well for a time, and I’ve had the good fortune of being invited to post my longer blatherings to other people’s blogs. Let me tell you, that’s an honor.

When you’re late to the scene for something (and this, too, is not unusual for me) you find that all the best stuff is taken. This is particularly true for blog titles. First, the names of my cats were taken. Then anything having to do with rain. Quotes from my favorite Bible verses? Gone. So I got creative. How about “Libra Love Letters,” eh? I’m a Libra, and while I don’t follow astrology the constellation itself fits my personality well. I thought that every post could be an open letter. Is that not a splendid idea? No, I don’t pull off corny very well.

How about some word play using our last name? “Heading W-ward” My kids rolled their eyes at that one.

The idea of headings led me to enter the compass points into the little name box, all 32 of which I memorized as a Sea Scout. To my delight, the obvious choice was not taken. Navigation was one of my favorite subjects, and I aced that portion of the captain’s test. I am no longer a captain, but I still love a good compass. So Northwest by North it is.

(You do realize that the title of Hitchcock’s film, North by Northwest, is not a real compass point?)

So, what to expect. I have a few favorite topics: My faith: Roman Catholic flavored Christianity. My family: husband Gordon, daughter MissT, son P.A. and the aforementioned cats Nimby and Raven. Feminism, except I don’t think my compatriots would find me to be a “progressive” feminist. I believe there is a true feminism that needs to be defined and understood. Education: in the process of educating MissT at home over the past 6 years, I’ve become a passionate advocate of homeschooling and of a 19th Century British educator named Charlotte Mason. I’ll soon post a link to the curriculum we follow. Finally, the environment is an issue I will come to again and again, because I love the outdoors and want to continue to be able to go outside and breathe clean air.

I came to the realization that my some favorite people are avid bloggers, and I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t jump in. I’d like to invite you to my world, northwest by north of most of you.


6 thoughts on “Dear Reader

    • No, nothing fun like that. We didn’t have to chart relative motion for the 100 ton test back in the day, and we got to use real charts. I learned how to use plotting sheets once. If I were to renew, I’d have to go to fire school, which would make it almost worth it…


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